Vibrating Screen (pill screen, granule screen)

Vibrating Screen



Multi-layer linear vibrating screen uses the vibrating motor to make the material on the sieve surface thrown up and move forward in a straight line at the same time to achieve the purpose of screening with the help of suitable mesh. This machine is composed of the base, vibration chamber, vibrating motor, shock absorber and so on. It is stable in vibrating, low in noise, simple in operation, excellent in sieving performance, in line with the requirement of "GMP", and is widely used in the sifting of pills and granular materials in medicine, foodstuff, chemical industry and so on.

The ZSF-1 type vibrating screen is used to sift the pills and granules in medicine. This machine adopts unique mesh shape design to make sure that pills are separated smoothly according to the requirements without blocking the sieve hole. The efficiency is significantly improved with reasonable vibration parameters. Its capacity is much larger than the traditional screening machine.

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