Pneumatic Vacuum Feeding Machine

Pneumatic Vacuum Feeding Machine



Pneumatic vacuum feeding machine conveys materials by using the high vacuum produced when the compressed air goes through the vacuum generator. It does not require mechanical vacuum pump. It has the favorable features of a simple structure, small size, maintenance-free, low noise, convenient control and elimination of materials static and in accordance with the GMP requirements, etc. Vacuum generator generates high vacuum in order to avoid the stratification of the conveyed materials and ensure the homogeneity of the mixed materials. It is the first choice to automatically load materials to equipment such as tablet press, capsule filling machine, dry type granulator, packing machine, grinder, vibrating sifter, etc.

When compressed air goes through the Vacuum generator, vacuum generators produce negative pressure to form the vacuum airflow, and thus materials are sucked into suction nozzle and reach the chamber of feeding machine through the suction tube. The filter separates materials from air completely. when the chamber is full of materials, the controller will automatically cut off the gas source and vacuum generators stop working. At the same time the chamber door opens automatically and materials fall into the hopper of equipment. Meanwhile, compressed air cleans the filter automatically through the pulse back-flushing valve. The feeding machine will be started automatically to load materials again, when the time is up or the material level sensor sends out signals.

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